A Completely Thrilling Craft Book

Benjamin Percy walks the line between literary and genre fiction. In fact, he completely stomps on it, rendering the line a porous liminal space where the two fictions bleed into one another. That's the simplest way to talk about Percy's writing. He's a literary guy who manages to write about the stuff  MFA programs scoff at—I believe at their own peril. Because, like Percy, I find that the books I turn to time and again are the ones that exist on the edges of the literary. I'm talking about Percy's work, Victor LaValle's dark fictions, George Saunders' wonderful fictional universe complete with ghosts, Karen Russel's magical landscapes, and many more. All quite literary, yet also all forging ahead of the beautifully rendered but oftentimes dull modern American realist fiction. 

Here, in Thrill Me, we get Percy's take on a craft book—and he doesn't disappoint. He brings his unique perspective to bear in ways that will invigorate your writing and maybe just send it screaming into the dark, foggy night. Give it a read, if you dare.